Delicious artisinal samosas from Samosa Shack

Lunch Take-Out

Lunch Menu
9/21 – 9/22


Text your order to (914) 907-4345, come grab in half an hour.

Pickups available Thurs 9/21 – Fri 9/22
12:00pm – 2:30pm

Our dinner menu is available here

Channa Masala Lunch Bowl: $17

channa masala, cauliflower and potato, a cumin rice, apple slaw, cilantro chutney

Masala Corn Nuggets (gf): $12

Garlic scapes, mint chutney

Sev Puri or Pani Puri (6): $12

Spiced potato black chickpea-lentil stuffed crispy mini puris
*Sev Puri –  chutneys garnishes
*Pani Puri – spicy mint water

Samosas (with two chutneys): $4.50 each

• Potato pea cilantro
• Sweet potato spinach
• Tofu tikka masala

Samosa Chaat: $14

Two samosas (you pick) tandoori roasted chickpeas tamarind cilantro chutneys cumin raita garnishes

*gf option: Aloo Tikki Chaat
(stuffed potato cakes with all the fixings)

Bhel Puri (gf): $10 (contains peanuts)

A crispy puffed rice salad like street food
tomato cucumber cilantro tamarind dressing

Chutney Jars (80z): $11

choose from:
⋅ spicy coconut cilantro chutney
⋅ sweet tart tamarind